We’ve all been there, feeling as if we don’t know which direction we should turn & which way is the right way to go. We’ve all wanted to give up, but those who finish the race aren’t necessarily the strongest. However, their ENDURANCE is sufficient.

Is your endurance sufficient for the race? Are you mentally, physically, spiritually in check? Or have you been beaten down at every curve ball life has thrown in your direction? Have you allowed life to toss you every which way or have you stood firm?

This thing called life isn’t a race to see who finishes first. It isn’t a race for the swift. It’s a test to see who endures. It’s a trial to see who pushes through the resistance even when the last thing they want to do is get back up. It’s a test to see who has the grace to bring others along with them. It’s a test to see what you will do at the first sign of resistance.

Who’s going to leave a legacy never to be forgotten? Who will touch the hearts of the people? Today I ask that you not only push through the resistance, fear, blood, sweat and tears but you break through it all. Don’t you know that your blessings are on the opposite side of that resistance? Haven’t you noticed that in life the resistance comes right before the blessing? So to this I say not only to push through, BREAK BARRIERS!


Be blessed!

Ashley Cole


14 thoughts on “It Isn’t For The Swift…

  1. This is so true. I’m going through this right now. Some times you have to step out on faith and trust what’s on the other side waiting for you…that blessing that you can’t see nor know its even waiting on you!!! Thank you I needed to here that.

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