Do you idolize what you do not know? People, including myself, tend to show a glimpse of what we want people to see via Facebook, Instagram etc. However are we viewing the ‘truth’ or getting a peek of what they want us to see? For me, social media is mainly utilized to stay abreast with family, associates and friends. I do not post my personal life and neither should you. I feel some things should remain private. I do not believe social media is a place to bare your soul. Save that for your journal. 🙂

I tend to share photos of my son & husband or funny memes/videos to brighten someone’s day but when I first joined the military back in 2001 I found myself looking at couples based on what they shared and wondered if they were truly happy. Not that it’s my business, but in the past I’d look at a couple and say awww I want that someday and then months later realize their relationship was nothing close to what I’d assumed it to be.

For example, I was stationed in Florida and there was a couple that lived nearby. The wife would always visit and the husband seemed so affectionate. I began to view them as the perfect couple. The perfect couple is nonexistent my friend lol. Needless to say, myself and this woman became close and I later found out that her husband was the total opposite of what I’d assumed him to be. He was physically and verbally abusive and she was planning to leave him and move back home.

The morale to the story; never judge a book by it’s cover. Keep your personal life private. Don’t idolize what you do not know and perfect relationships don’t exist, strong ones do with hard work.

Be blessed.

Ashley Cole



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