As I lay awake, I mourn. I mourn for those unable to protect themselves. Unable to protect themselves from those who have allowed life to consume them with hate. Where is our humanity? Instead of coming up with a solution we choose to waste more time pointing fingers. Well guess what, it’s time we all take responsibility for the loss of our humanity.

When you see a man suffering do you stop and ask if he is okay? Do you offer him food water or clothes or do you continue on worry free. “I have enough of my own problems.” Right? Have you ever stopped to think that someone’s life may be 10 times worse than the one you constantly complain about? Did you wake up this morning? Some did not.

We’re all so consumed in our own lives that we may as well be just as horrible as those consumed with hate. The only difference is we choose not to interact defend or respond. We turn our cheeks and ignore that feeling that maybe, just maybe someone other than our family or friends may need us.

I challenge you all to step out of your comfort zones today. You may be unable to help Syria but you are able to help those close by. Lend a hand, provide shelter, food or water. Let’s start small. That small gesture could mean the world to a less fortunate person. So remember, be a blessing and don’t expect anything in return.

God is love, be blessed.

Photo Credit to AOL


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