Would You Read This Series?!?

Hi everyone! I hope you all survived the Monday blues. 🙂 I’m in the process of writing a series. I don’t have a title yet but figured that would come later. I’ve listed the characters below. I would love to hear feedback from all of you. Please let me know if this sounds interesting enough. I wanted to make the characters diverse and have a good mixture of love scandal and betrayal. Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Characters for Series


Scarlett Rose- (Caucasian) 3rd Grade School Teacher, Bisexual, know it all, gorgeous red head, loves her students, introvert, only socializes with Robin-2nd grade teacher, has a secret crush on Stephanie (teacher across the hall), drives a 2012 black Nissan Maxima, friends with Naomi since 3rd grade, lives in 2 story house in Rye suburbs -New York City, New York

Kristina Pendleton- (African American & Caucasian) Constantly In-between jobs, Flower Child, free spirit, too laid back, doesn’t pay bills, smokes marijuana, lives with parents in LA, bad credit, dates Caucasian men only, friends with Chanel, drives a 2007 Green PT Cruiser

Chanel Slade- (Asian and African American) says shes a Professional Dancer /stripper to help pay bills , took dancing lessons since 4, money motivates her, shy, hates her father who tried to force her mom to abort her, lives in upscale condo in LA, Kristina’s best friend, resents her rich her half-sister Naomi, drives a 2016 Pink Camaro

Naomi Archer- (African American) Clothing Designer, single mom, has a son, divorced, insecure, lives in 3 bedroom loft in Manhattan, New York, owns clothing line, makeup line, a shoe designer, takes everything too serious,  reserved, feisty,  doesn’t need a man but secretly wants one, half-sister is Chanel, Best friend is Scarlett, drives a 2017 Red Lamborghini


Monty Campbell- (African American) CEO of Real Estate Agency, single dad, bitter ex (mother of child), stern,  can be arrogant at times, muscular build-chocolate skin tone, has female assistant who likes him but he’s not interested, has trust issues (was cheated on), has one daughter, lives in 2 story single family home in the suburbs of New York, lives near Scarlett, drives a 2017 Midnight Blue Porsche.

Noah Dawson- (African American) Construction Worker the dreamer, has goals, hard worker, sexy, green eyes, brown hair, medium build, sun kissed skin tone, wants to own his own business one day, lives in apt within LA city limit, ends up seeing Chanel’s performance, Raphael’s next door neighbor, lies about income to women, drives a 2005 black BMW

Raphael Carter- (Arabic and African American) College Professor, homosexual, Monty’s cousin, loves Starbucks, free spirit, flirtatious, controlling, sexy, verbally abusive, drives a 2013 silver Dodge Challenger, lives in apt next door to Noah, sleeps with his male students, parents don’t know he’s bisexual, meets Kristina at a gay bar, his mother is ready for him to have kids, he’s an only child

Logan Smith- (Caucasian) Computer Tech Introvert, loves black women but has never dated one, rich, recently inherited money from deceased grandparents, parents believe he shouldn’t date outside of his race, frugal, loves dating but loses interest after sex, currently works for Monty’s Real Estate agency, may quit soon due to inheritance, lives in 2 bedroom townhouse near Naomi, drives a grey 2015 Audi


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