She’s optimistic, in love, overwhelmed with joy.

He whispers the words she’s craved to hear

only to reveal he never truly cared.

Giving him a plethora of chances, she loses count.

And now LOVE is to blame for his reason to stay.

She’s too close to realize this was never true love.

This was a void she vowed to replenish,

not realizing she was slowly drifting into an abyss of confusion, loneliness…depression.

Her emptiness consumes and sets fire to all hope.

Misery stalks her very being, pain becomes her shadow.

When will she realize her rare beauty?

When will she realize that true beauty can only

be seen thru a gentle souls pupils?

When will you see your worth my love?

When will you love yourself enough to wait?

Open your eyes…

Written by Ashley Cole 

I dedicate this to anyone who has ever lost sight of their worth. We are all beautiful people with flaws. You deserve true love, never forget that.

God is love. Be blessed.




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