Shyly, she began to bare her soul,

anxious for the world to see.

Strangers began to fold back the layers,

revealing her true self.

Not quite sure if she’s ready

for them to take a peak at her scars.

However, the thoughts and anticipation

of liberation, suppress her negative conclusion.

Freedom from barriers, the ultimate goal.

Her only competition, staring back in the mirror.

She watches from a distance

as her life is exposed to strangers.

But something she never expected began to happen.

Strangers became acquaintances, friends,

With more in common than she could ever imagine.

What a surreal moment.

It was all worth it.

She makes a vow, never to lose sight of her future

or be hindered by fear.

And the caterpillar transformed…such a beautiful butterfly.

Written by Ashley Cole 



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