I believe we all have experienced that moment

when NOTHING is going the way we want it to.

That exact moment when everything that

could possibly go wrong does.

This is the moment when you are so weary

that you want to give up.

This is that moment you’d rather

wallow in your regrets and pull the sheets over your head.


This is that moment when the last thing you

want to do is get up and keep pushing through.

However, this is the moment

you should do the exact opposite.

This is your defining moment.

No one wants to hear that these defining moments

build character when they are going through hell, but its true!

Get up!

Life was never promised to be easy

but it can be very rewarding if we

choose to look at the glass half full.

Yes it can be difficult and yes

sometimes you may want to quit.

Yes you may want to scream and cry

and you should if you need to

but remember all the people who look up to you.

Think of the little individuals you set an example for.

Wipe those tears and swing at a punching bag if you have to.

Get yourself together and get back on track.

Those who win in this thing called life

have fallen flat on their face multiple times

before reaching their goals.

The only difference between your situation and theirs

is when they got weary they didn’t give up.

So get up! Be great! Keep going & be blessed.

Written by Ashley Cole 




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