You twist you stretch you pull you bend

to fit into these three dimensions.

Distorting your face subduing your thoughts

all to fit inside this beautiful box.

Society wins which you’ve allowed

to dictate the way you view your spouse.

It brings much torment as you get dressed

you’ve changed 3 times “I look a mess.”

When’d you decide that it was fine

To remain inclined to fit in?

You’ve been created not replicated

but you’re mistakenly a copycat.

Created uniquely for exceptional reasons

But with every season you’ve fallen flat.


You’re bending, twisting, turning, distorting

the once magnificent unique form.

Once you realize you look just fine

You’ll feel so free a lovely storm.


Learn to be happy whole and free

The realization is liberating.

I’m inclined to ask…so please reply

isn’t that box a bit confined?

Climb out my love,

and spread your wings… fly.

Written by Ashley Cole 

Sandhill Cranes Birds Flying In Sunset Sky Desktop Wallpaper.jpg





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