Self reflect,

I don’t want to.

But I must uncover

what lies within

To get to the root.

Scratching the surface

just won’t do.

I choose to dig deeper.

But the closer I get

the more anxious I become.

Why’s it so hard to look at her?

Not her outward appearance,

But what’s beneath.

Where her treasure lies.

I inch closer and closer,

Only inches away,

feels like miles,

She’s very vulnerable,

yet she smiles.

As I step closer

her strength radiates

A sense of power.

Hmm, she’s not so bad after all.

I begin to analyze.

She may need a little work,

As I assess her ventricles

I discover pure gold.

I dance to the rhythm

Of her inward drum.

Needs a little direction,

But reveals an old soul.

I think I’ll stick with her,

See where this goes…

Ashley Cole


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