I’m not sure if  I should even call these occurrences moments or if I should just admit I’m imperfect. But man, being a mother is not for the weak. Super Mom’s unite! I am the mother of a soon to be 9 y/o who is going on 25 and he’s very intelligent. To make matters worse, he’s also inherited my sarcasm. God help us all. And I actually have the nerve to want one more. I guess you can say I’m a gluten for punishment. 🙂

How many mom’s out there wake up sometimes and wonder how in the hell do I get things done around here? I’m actually a full time working, divorced, single mom. Drum roolllll please. I have just about experienced it all. The disagreements about co-parenting. The exhaustion of being up all night until the morning with a sick child.

Furthermore, I’m the parent who wants to support my child in just about anything he’s involved in. But duty calls and the bills have to get paid so I also carry the guilt of missing school events or games from time to time. And to top that off my son’s an only child and constantly reminds me that he wants a sibling because he’s lonely.

Luckily for him I’ve finally met the man of my dreams and we will be getting married soon. But what a gut punch. Sometimes I feel I’m failing miserably. I have to constantly remind my son how much I love him and spend as much time with him as possible. I also, remind myself that I have a good heart and I am not perfect but I do my best. That’s really all that matters in the end right?

For those of you who are helping to parent nieces, nephews, stepchildren I tip my hat to you. Especially those in blended families which I will soon be a part of. We have to be more available for each other and let our friends and family know we have been where they are, and if we haven’t we have to remind them that no one is perfect. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

More than likely, more can relate to what you are feeling or experiencing, than you’d believe. Some are just afraid to admit things out loud. But I’m tired of being quiet, and let’s be honest ladies, none of us are perfect. We are not robots, we are human beings. We make mistakes and some things are unavoidable. Just continue to strive to do better daily. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves and each other. Remember that doing your best is all you can do, and doing your best is plenty.

For those of you appalled at the mess I’ve made as a mom…I assume you’re perfect. Some of us weren’t able to enjoy that luxury. 🙂


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