Insecure, misunderstood, outcast, overruled

Liberated, justified, unbreakable, remarkable

Petrified, anxious, annoyed,terrified

Driven, respected, intelligent, full of pride

Floating, entangled, absorbed, admired

Angry, appalled, regretful, denial

Dramatically life will twist and bend

Constantly altering emotions

Stay grounded, fixated, remain motivated

Goal driven, resplendent, but never overrated

Stay focused, have hope,believe that you can

Accomplish everything, gain knowledge, wisdom

Continue to run and not grow weary

Continue to walk you will not faint

This race called life is for those who finish

Stay close to those who want to replenish

Give life, speak life, speak love to existence

Abandon control, self pity, resentment

Which will you choose for the world to remember?

The one who gave up or the one with splendor?

Only time will tell…choose wisely

Ashley Cole


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