Will you ever be satisfied with what you have?

You say you want money or love, skies the limit

But when you receive these materialistic things,

or you meet that man/woman you’re no longer satisfied with,

what happens next?

If anything you only end up craving or wanting more.

These things will never complete the void you’re trying to fill

If you want money what will happen once you receive it?

Does it magically solve all your problems?

If anything I hear, the more money you have the more problems…

When will you be content with what you have?

When will waking up to a family that loves you be enough?

When will having a healthy family be enough?

When will you realize how blessed you are to wake up every morning?

When will being able to provide for your family be enough?

You may not have everything you want but you have everything you need.

So when will you be grateful for what you already have?

When will you realize that the things you have are priceless?

Or will you continue to wallow in regret and one day wake up

wishing you could go back and start over?

Be grateful for what you were blessed with.

You never know, the things you could be taking for granted might be taken away…

Only then you will realize how important those priceless things were.

So do me a favor…be content, be grateful, be happy.

Life is but a dream…

Ashley Cole


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