Am I Being Punked?? Make America What?!?

screenshot_2017-01-21-13-23-42-1Today was supposed to be normal day at the office. Or so I thought. I had prepared everything for the company meeting and was ready to go. Who am I kidding? No one likes meetings, especially when they’re on a Friday but I was prepared. At least I thought I was .

As we all know the Inauguration was yesterday and while I’m absolutely not a Trump supporter, I leave my political views at the entrance of the office daily. I feel certain things shouldnt be discussed in a workplace. Too many emotions are involved and everyone is entitled to their beliefs. Religion and politics made the cut ladies and gentlemen.

Before I describe how exciting this meeting was tell me how you would feel if you were the minority in a predominantly Caucasian office and the owner burst into the meeting and yelled “America is now great again! Our president is now sworn in. Time to make America great again like it was before these bleeps got into the office!” Keep in mind your fellow Co workers are cheering him on and are having a mini celebration.

Making America Great has many meanings and none of them are geered towards helping minorities. I may have been calm on the outside but if you could check the temperature of my O+ it’d be beyond the boiling point. Please allow that to sink in as I explain the ins and outs of this beautiful Friday meeting.

The meeting started a little after 9am. The Vice President was extremely unorganized. I had been asking him for a week to respond to important emails and here we were. None of my emails had been answered. As I proceed to my chair aside from my friend a Project manager, I began passing out the information I’m to provide for each meeting.

Before I am able to sit down the Vice President asks where’s the meeting agenda. Of course I didn’t have it because that was one of the emails he had ignored. I politely responded saying I never received his meeting minutes in reply to a few emails so I figured we would play it by ear. He proceeded to say he sent it 2 minutes ago.

My thoughts: Soooo you sent the agenda while I was passing out today’s information and I was supposed to mysteriously, maybe even magicly predict that you decided to respond to the email I’ve sent several times and stopped you in the hallway about 3 times? Man you are so awesome! But you know what, let me grab that. I excuse myself to make copies for everyone.

I pass the meeting agenda out and something in my head screams let’s get ready to rummbbllee. The vice president follows the meeting agenda adding things here and there.  As hes discussing safety he stares at me and begins asking if certain things have been taken care of. Keep in miñd Mr. Unorgañized is mainly referencing towards every single email he has NOT taken the time to respond to.

I would love to reply by saying how the hell am I supposed to know you have not responded to any of my emails. But once again the manners that my mother and father instilled in me bubble to the surface. I reply saying, ” I have yet to receive a response from you regarding this topic please let me know how you would like this to be handled.”

This is how majority of the safety portion of the meeting transpired. Me being asked what’s going on with this and that project and having to constantly remind Mr. I hate being organized that I love my job but I cannot perform at my best if you don’t do your part. The atmosphere became very tense. And one thing I will share with you is that we recently hired two top notch project managers.

The vice president had been expressing anxiety about wanting things to be perfect in their eyes. He did not want to seem as if he was the reason things weren’t getting taken care of so guess who he tried to make his fall back guy? Ladies and gentlemen that would be me. But I was having no part of it. Whatever happened to having integrity and saying I was so busy I dropped the ball? I will have this taken care of after the meeting is adjourned.

I’ll tell you what happened to that deep routed integrity, Pride. Let her look unorganized I can’t look unorganized in front of this new crew. I can’t apologize. I’m the vice president. I’m supposed to be perfect. I was tapped on my shoulder quielty by a project manager stating “He’s throwing everything at you. How do you keep up?” I had no words only facial expressions.

To make matters worse Mr Trump’s cousin, I’m sure they’re not related, burst into the meeting to celebrate how great America will soon be again. I beg your pardon. Where is your class and dignity? How great will America be now that men are being told it’s okay to grope women? Who cares if they don’t like it?

How great will America be since we’re teaching our kids it’s okay to bully minorities? How great will America be after we’ve caused so much division that we’re friends with terrorists. America is great. Greatly Mistaken!

However, back to Mr. What’s Integrity. A guilty conscience will always force your true colors to emerge. I was followed to my office and apologized to repeatedly but his apologies fell on deaf ears. I will never respect a man who has no character. It is never okay to tear someone down to save yourself. What makes this worse is that today others realized who the true failure was. You didn’t win sir. You lost respect while trying to paint me as the unorganized villain.

Meeting adjourned…




3 thoughts on “Am I Being Punked?? Make America What?!?

  1. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one this has happened to. I can related to your story like it happen to me yesterday. Glad you over came all of it and can still hold your head up high knowing you did the right thing and not stoop to his level at the time…which I know was really hard to do!! Keep your head up your are doing a great job in this thing called life!!

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